“No FCKHing Way”

I think this article does a really good job articulating what I found wrong with FCKH8’s video about feminism, and I think the author’s updates really add to the original piece:

Sadly, despite what major corporations and indie brands alike would have us believe, empowerment can neither be bottled nor sold. Commodification of feminism is not empowerment, and FCKH8 is not empowering girls or women through this video. Instead, they’re using girls as a means to a commercial end: to raise awareness of sexism to sell their t-shirts.

2 thoughts on ““No FCKHing Way”

  1. I agree… the whole FCKH8 campaign and its motives are really questionable. When I first came across it, mindlessly watching the video for the first time, I didn’t think much about it. But upon looking deeper into its intentions and exploitive qualities, I’ve realized that, although it appears to be helping to raise sexism awareness on the surface, it is exploiting the girls used. A wrong can’t be corrected with a different wrong. The campaign is undeniably spreadable, but this is problematic for web surfers that, like my initial experience, do not think about the underlying negative aspects of the campaign and further spread it (like I had done by posting it on my blog!).


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